IC School of Music

For Parents

“The best predictor of success among students is in their belief in their ability to succeed"


Robert  Sternberg and Elena Grigorenko


Intellectual benefits of Music studies

  • Music is Mathematics in its rhythmic aspects
  • Music teaches foreign language. Terms in Italian, German and French introduce the child to many ways of saying similar things
  • Music teaches History. The music of each period expresses the time of which it is born
  • Music teaches Geography and understanding of different cultures
  • Physically, Music studies require muscular coordination, agility and fine motor skills development
  • Music is Art because it is human expression
  • Few things teach self-discipline as effectively as daily music practice
  • Musical training cultivates musical taste
  • Music also strengthen family ties. It can be a source of enjoyment, sharing and fun!

It started as nothing but a jumble of

white and black.
Just a big thing in the middle of our
living room that my mother would
make beautiful sounds on.

Soon I was on the bench next to her,
my hands on hers
helping her make the music that
used to fill my days and nights
with peace.

I remember when it was her sitting next
to me, watching my hands create
something beautiful.
I’d never seen her with more pride
than she had in that moment.


Erika Castaldo




To help your child succeed in Music you can:

  • Create a musical environment
  • Start as early as your child is ready
  • Set up favourable practice conditions
  • Attend your child’s lessons
  • Help your child learn effective practice habits early
  • Support your child’s performance endeavours
  • Be encouraging and interested in the child’s progress


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