IC School of Music

Traditional Method

Traditional Method involves notes reading starting soon after a short pre-reading period is passed.


Irina Cherkasski’s Traditional Piano Teaching method represents the blend of finest traditions of the famous Russian Piano School enhanced by constant research and professional development Irina has been undertaking in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong over last 25 years.


Irina’s pedagogical style and standards were formed by her teachers Olga Zimina, Maria Christiansen and Rosemary Barnes. Besides, Irina was greatly influenced by Nehama Patkin, Rae de Lisle, Irina Gorin and Mira Marchenko.


Traditional Piano lessons at Irina Cherkasski’s School of Music combine and adapt features from both the Russian and Australian teaching traditions.


Typical features of the Russian piano playing style are highly spiritual piano art and well-developed technical abilities.


The goal is to achieve the highest level of skills that allows the student to play piano with a certain level of expression and appreciation.


These accomplishments bring the enjoyment that Australian culture values in Music and Arts education.




Irina’s piano teaching method, specifically an intense focus on mastering fundamental correct technique right from the beginning, has been proven by several generations of her students, their exams results, scholarships wins and competitions awards.


Irina Cherkasski recognizes that every student is different.


Customized lessons enable each student to quickly move towards achieving his or her own highest musical potential.


Pedagogical resources used in early traditional lessons include “Tales of Musical Journey” by Irina Gorin, “Piano Alphabet” by Elena Gnessina, “First meeting with the Music” by Anna Artobolevsky, “Me and My Piano” and “Piano Lessons” by Fanny Waterman, music by D.Kabalevsky, A.Grechaninov, S. Maykapar, A.Peskanov, P.Wedgwood, D.Agay, E. Cobb, K.Bailey and many others.


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