IC School of Music

For Students

“Confidence, that results from progress through effort has enormous worth”

Michael Griffin

Ten commandments for young pianists: 

  • You only need to practice on the days that you eat!
  • Watch the position of your hands and your posture at the piano
  • Always start by practising your technical work
  • Always start by practising slowly. Stephen Heller said: “Practice very slowly, progress very fast!”
  • Always practice with steady rhythm using metronome if necessary
  • Start looking at dynamics as early as possible. By doing so at the initial stage of your work you save a lot of practice time in the future
  • Follow carefully all the composers’ instructions on articulation, phrasing, mood and speed with precision
  • Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you never get it wrong
  • Listen to great performers! It will form your musical taste and train your ear!
  • Have fun! Share your music and entertain your friends and family whenever there is an opportunity!



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